Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary case study

Bringing out the heart and soul of this UK-based animal sanctuary who provide a forever home to over 400 gentle beings.

Fiona Oakes and Martin Morgan started the sanctuary in 1996 and today it is home to over 400 rescues. Each and every one is a loved and cherished member of their family, or ‘the gang’ as they are fondly known.

They give rescued animals a much-needed second chance and provide for them the kind of life they wish all animals could have. Where they have the freedom to be themselves and a home where they can live out their days in peace.

The rebrand reflects the individuality and togetherness of the different animals – if you get a chance to visit, you will see a mixture of cows, horses, ducks, sheep, and chickens all living happily with one another. It brings out their personalities and soulfulness; especially the ‘farm animals’ who are often seen through a different lens.

Through its beauty and meaning, the brand seeks to elevate the positioning of the sanctuary. To engage audiences more deeply and encourage interaction and sponsorship that will help safeguard its future.

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