A few days ago I saw a seemingly insignificant scenario play out down by the river that reminded me of the power of people coming together.

The tide was out and someone was trying to tow their small boat out of the water and onto the roadside. The boat’s trailer was stuck in the mud and the car couldn’t grip enough on the gravel to pull it out. The wheels just kept spinning.

One by one, a small team of strangers arrived to help. They tried pushing the boat. Pulling it. But still the car was skidding around and the boat not moving an inch. Someone found wood blocks to stick under the wheels. That didn’t work either.

Different people came by with suggestions of what may work. Getting the car to go backwards, forwards, pull in this direction or that. Each trying to help out and solve the problem.

It was looking hopeless until someone brought a second car down. Both cars were roped to the boat and it was enough to get the boat unstuck and up onto the road. And – in a rather British way – a round of applause followed.

Someone moving their boat was not a particularly meaningful event! But the way people came together to help was. All to help someone they didn’t even know. Imagine what else we could do if we pulled together like that more often.