Remembering our interconnectedness

There is much to gain from honouring the life force that is within us all – animals, people, and planet. To recognise that each has a right to live their own life, and without placing one above any other. We tend to forget this isn’t a human world. It’s a world within which we humans are a part. We are all connected.

What do we lose with our current worldview? What could we gain by changing it?

Where are we now?

We don’t have to look far to see the effects of our current relationship to the world – where we have a hierarchy of the life we value, with humans firmly at the top. Climate change, deforestation, species loss, animal cruelty. Sadly, the list goes on. It is the nonhuman world that pays the highest price, but we also hurt ourselves and each other in the process.

But there are glimmers of hope and change that keep popping up. Conversations and actions are evolving. I believe we are heading towards a shift in our collective consciousness.

Changing the story

We have so much potential to cherish life instead of destroying it. To actively avoid causing any suffering and creatively find ways to prevent it. And not only that, but to thrive and enjoy life-affirming connections with each other and the nonhuman world.

Humans can do amazing things when they come together.

By reconnecting with the world and those we share it with we also reclaim a deeper part of ourselves. Because the connections we have with the outer world are a reflection of those we have with our inner worlds.

Giving voice to this work

This deeper connection with life naturally underpins all my other work. I am passionate about it. If you would like to explore it within coaching, workshops, or other collaborations, please let me know.

I also enjoy giving expression to it through other creative forms, including short films like the one below.

Fiona Oakes – For the Animals

I co-produced this short film because I wanted to tell Fiona’s story and inspire more people to see animals differently.