Building brands with depth, meaning, and character

Brands are a way of thinking about and communicating who you are, what you do, what you believe in, and where you are going. They combine the practical aspects with your character, values, and purpose.

When they are used to give an authentic expression of this, they have the power to be deeply engaging and meaningful. And people feel this. They will understand and connect with you much more.

Distilling a brand’s essence

We can get to the heart of your brand through a creative process of exploration, structuring, and refining.

This uncovers the practical elements of what your brand does and how it is positioned within its field. And brings to life its character, values and potential; understanding its nuances and what makes it unique.

The psychological & systemic dimensions

I bring my psychological background to provide an extra dimension of depth and insight. Seeing to the core of the brand to uncover its purpose and recognise its complexity.

I also place it in relation to the wider systems in which it sits, to engage it with its social and environmental responsibilities.

What can a good brand do?

A brand that understands and mirrors you has the potential to:

  • Inspire you and others
  • Uncover potential and aspirations
  • Help you better understand yourself
  • Amplify your vision
  • Help you move forward on your journey
  • Give you confidence to take a stand in your uniqueness
  • Communicate who you are with ease and depth
  • Engage employees and clients
  • Champion your character and values

Living the brand & organisational development

Brands make up an essential part of the organisational fabric. They are to be lived, as much as they are to be seen; providing a meaningful sense of belonging, values, and source of inspiration for staff and clients. For this reason, brand-work and organisation development can be powerful when used together.