Creating authentic brands from the inside-out.

Psychosynthesis is – in my opinion – an amazing model for psychology. It recognises our individual essence, the different parts of our character, and our pull to bring more of who we are into the world.

For this reason, it is an excellent framework for approaching and structuring authentic brands. It sees to their core to discover their ‘why’, appreciates the depth of their personality, and pays attention to their aspirational direction.

The key parts

There are some core elements to the psychosynthesis model that are particularly useful for brand work:

“I” or authentic self: the essence of the brand. Who it authentically is.

Subpersonalities: the different parts of our personality. The different character aspects of a brand e.g. funny, exciting, quirky.

Superconscious/higher unconscious: this is the realm of archetypes and transpersonal values. This relates to the qualities that a brand expresses: truth, vitality, integrity

The superconscious is where our potential is stored, our joy, our aspiration, our creativity, our inspiration, and our peak experiences – John Whitmore

Higher self: the higher source of who we are which guides our unfolding nature. This relates to the ultimate purpose of the brand and the direction in which it is unfolding.

Collective unconscious: brands have context and sit within cultural, societal, environmental systems. Highlights the ethical responsibilities they have.

External unifying centres: we resonate internally with something that matches us externally. This is what creates belonging (for employees, users, customers etc). It is also worth noting that if a brand identity is superficial – akin to the survival personality – it might connect on a surface level but it won’t resonate any deeper than that.

Why it matters

This is why it’s important to build a brand from the inside out. Embracing and fostering its authenticity. More people are voting with their feet and connecting with brands that are open, transparent and which also take their social and environmental responsibilities seriously.

Being true to who we are

Often there can be a difference between espoused values and enacted values: those a brand says it values vs those it actually acts out. The psychosynthesis approach encourages authenticity and alignment with our deeper self. Thus this approach seeks for brands to represent themselves truthfully – which its recipients will resonate with far more than something that is nice to read but rings hollow.