Fiona Oakes Foundation case study

Uncovering the essence of this foundation, run by an elite marathon runner who breaks world records to be a voice for animals

Fiona Oakes is a triple Guinness World Record holder for marathon running. She is the fastest woman to run a marathon on every continent, and the fastest woman to run a marathon on the North Pole and every continent – both in elapsed and aggregate time.

She has also completed Marathon des Sables, twice, run six marathons on six continents within six days, and is currently embarking on the Four Deserts Challenge.

Her driving force is to prove that veganism is not prohibitive to performance – she has been vegan since six years old – and to raise awareness of her animal sanctuary. With such an impressive record of achievements, the Foundation was set up as a platform to position her as a role model and to tell her story.

The rebrand was an opportunity to elevate and amplify what Fiona has done and continues to do. And, most importantly, why she does it. It is built upon her core values – hard work, focus, and dedication in the name of compassion – and captures the essence of her campaigning through action. A beautiful brand was created that is set to reach and inspire a wider audience.

Watch the short film on Fiona that I co-produced: Fiona Oakes – For the Animals

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