Downing case study

A combined culture change and rebrand programme that enlivened the company’s identity and changed the way people came together.

Downing is a successful venture capital firm based in central London. Established in 1986, it has over 35,000 investors and invested over £1.7 billion into growing UK businesses, including renewable energy, children’s nurseries, and health clubs.

It is a friendly company that seeks to do the right thing by those with whom it builds relationships; its investors, advisers, and its own people. This ‘investment community’ formed the basis of the new brand identity, together with the core values upon which it had been founded – transparency, flexibility, and integrity.

Everyone within the company was invited to be a part of the rebrand, catalysing the culture development programme. Workshops and brand events were held, and open communication was encouraged throughout. It provided opportunities for people to come together in a different way, and to have fun with their new brand and company culture.

Charity days and social events were introduced, internal communications widened, and an organisational committee set up to continue the company’s internal development.

It was a joy to see Downing come alive with its character and colour.

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