The change in seasons brings a different kind of energy into our lives. We leave behind the active, energetic intensity of summer life and move to a mellow, slower paced autumn.

Our whole being – body, mind, and soul – recalibrates. We tend to become less active, eat different foods, and find sleep more desireable.

We also naturally have more space for inner reflection. Just as nature goes through its cycle of change, so do we. It’s a good time to slow down and think about what matters most to us.


What holds meaning for you? Are your personal and professional lives aligned with your deeper values? It is time for something different?

If you haven’t already noticed these kinds of thoughts within you, I’d invite you to give yourself some space for it. Connect with nature, go out for a walk, notice the changing colours and the falling leaves. Let your mind and body attune to the seasonal change and see what it reflects within you.

What do you notice? Does something need to change? Is a new chapter calling?


I did it for myself a few days ago. I usually dread the end of summer and cling on to every last drop of sun, so this time I decided to get up for sunrise and open myself to the autumnal experience. It was stunning! The light, the colours, the energy in the air. It energised my deep connection with life and reminded me of the meaningful work that I want to do.

See what happens for you. I hope you discover something meaningful too.