"Making the invisible, visible and connecting the everyday to the bigger picture"

I’ve always been drawn to help others grow and find their way – particularly at the aspirational end of the spectrum. Encouraging them to see the best of who they are and how this may connect with their deeper journey in life.

My professional experience spans the creative, commercial, and not-for-profit worlds, including: marketing, brand strategy, short film production, therapy, coaching, and consulting – which creates an interesting mix.

I graduated from Cambridge and have been psychologically trained as a gestalt coach and organisational consultant, a transpersonal therapist, and in systemic constellations.

What I do

I support people, organisations, and brands in aligning themselves with what matters to them so they can bring to life more of their potential. From coaching for personal growth, to culture change within a company, or uncovering the essence of a new brand identity.

Each involves seeing to the heart of the matter with an expanded level of awareness. Bringing greater clarity and insight into what is trying to emerge and what needs to happen next.

Why I do it

This work matters to me. I enjoy it and like that it can make a real difference.

I think it’s important to bring ourselves, our work, and our creations into the world with as much authenticity as we can. When we do, our personal and professional lives become more aligned, fun, exciting, and life-affirming. It makes the challenges worthwhile.

My approach

I aim to build a safe and creative space in which transformation can occur. Where the practical can be integrated with the soulful, and the everyday with the bigger picture. While each partnership of work is unique and complex, the following process helps to navigate the journey:

  • Be open to what is. Take a non-judgemental stance to see what is present and perhaps what is out of sight or missing.
  • Map the territory. Mark out all the elements within ‘the field’ and understand how they connect with one another.
  • Support what’s emerging. With vision, work through any blocks and create the right conditions for potential to be fulfilled.

Core models that inform my work


A whole-system perspective of psychology that integrates and embraces our body, mind, heart, and soul.


Focuses on the here and now to increase awareness, find new perspectives, and enable change.

Systems Thinking

Values the relationship(s) between everything, understanding that changes in one part of the system have an impact on the others.

People I’m proud to have worked with